Tuesday, August 11, 2009

{Trying to find the beauty}

I have to be honest and say most of the day today I felt a bit like this:

Starting out with oil based paint spilling on my kitchen floor and splattering all over... all over K, some toys... one of the biggest and most stubborn messes I have had to clean up. It took me a long time to clean. I had to use some paint thinner, and although I tried to use it sparingly the smell still permeated the house and made me feel very sick. In an effort not to stay down I went on a search for beautiful things this afternoon. I was not disappointed. Something about a little wild "daisy" type weed flower popping up next to a very old building in need of a few coats of paint and weed overgrowth made me smile.

Our Rose of Sharon bush is at it's most beautiful right now.

Happy half birthday to me. :)

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Katarina said...

Hope you can find more beauty through out the week. Such little blessings on days when it's jus not going right.