Friday, July 31, 2009

{Growing boy}

There was so much in this day that I would need to fill a post with pictures to do it justice. My camera was not clicking throughout the entire day - but I think I can find three. This morning I made these cute little hamburger cookies, for our family reunion tomorrow, out of vanilla wafers, colored frosting, colored coconut, and peppermint patties.

K still sees his neurologist every six months. Today was our summer appointment. He got weighed (45 lbs!), measured (43 inches!), got his blood pressure taken (threw a HUGE fit over that!), and then had a great visit with our favorite neurologist. He was very impressed with K's progress, although the newly stubborn K attitude was not lost on him. Yes, we are all noticing the mellow turn to defiance *sigh*.

While I did the neuro appointment, Dave took Noe and Jay to Jay's final swim class. He passed level one with flying colors. We then all met up for pizza with a friend of ours and Dave took the guys out on the canoe where Jay caught a 12 inch bass all by himself.

I got the evening off and went to Target to register for the things we still need for baby. Imagine my surprise that on a rare night off, and finding myself in a favorable place - the mall, I only had the stamina to enjoy the fun for about an hour. What has happened to me that while at the mall all I could think about was being home, a warm bubble bath, and my bed? Oh yeah - it's called the third trimester and I started it today. :)
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Katarina said...

What a super *full* day. I love the pictures you captured of it. Those cookies look yummy.