Friday, April 17, 2009


It was a very, very busy day. Road trip to K's eye exam, lots of waiting, Dave and the boys doing landscaping at church, hours of outdoor fun, meeting in town for a yummy supper, and then ending the day with camping in the backyard.

Sparklers, cuddles, trying to get little ones to sleep who have never slept in our new camper, wiping tears, plugging in night lights, finally getting some {a little} sleep. Waking up to birds singing, turkeys gobbling, woodpeckers pecking. Daddy's delicious pancakes, eggs, sausage, hot chocolate, and coffee in the camper.

Good times!
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Arlona Mc said...

What a beautiful weekend to enjoy your camper and to prepare the boys for camping next month. I am glad that you got some sleep. What a nice family time. The boys will remember some of these times when they are older. Love, Mom Mc